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September 26, 2014

Designer Sarees – Accentuate Women Beauty

Designer Sarees – Accentuate Women Beauty

In the world of Indian Fashion, the Saree Blouse has seen quite a fast and strong change. It can be stated that with every passing day, the Saree Blouse designs increase in style. With a hot sari blouse, the woman looks increase more and she seems a beautiful, smart and charming lady. Modern woman mostly wears blouse with a huge neck cut and like to wear a blouse sleeveless. However, normally housewives use long sleeve sari blouse with small up and beck neck and a little bit kurti. Woman can easily find blouses in any fashion designer boutique with the latest zarees work and embroidered blouses.

Currently the designer blouses are present fashion trends. To make a stylish sari blouse you can use different kinds of work. Mirror works, sparkles and glitter are the newest Bollywood fashion trends.

In Indian culture, sarees play a significant task. In ancient times, Indian women used to show off sarees in their home and also at festive occasions. Therefore, it was a crucial part of their way of life. However, with increasing western control, sarees took a backseat and the saree was replaced by skirts or gowns.

Indian Saree

India is a mixture of dissimilar creed, cultures and speech. Saree and Salwar Kameez are also called as the Indian women traditional dresses. While Sarees are a general dress, it is worn in diverse styles in unusual states of India. Indian sarees have become more popular and advanced abroad. You can view Hollywood heroines in fashionable sarees with Saree Blouse designs. Designer Sarees has taken the position of traditional ones because of its style and price.

Edgy New Sari Look

Saris have come a long way and the way of wearing it has changed as well. In olden times women were mostly homemakers and housewives, spending the majority of their time at their residence. However, time has changed currently; women have turned into a vital part of the labor force. They require dresses, which are simple to wear and provide an official look also. They are fond of dressing up for the occasion and making an impression in their likeness. To all these requirements Saree Blouse designs are the answer. Designers have also started to make sarees not only in India, but in western countries as well. Different kinds of Sarees embroidered on the waist provide a total fresh statement and sexy look to the wearer. It highlights the waist and gives a superb look and style. In this attire, tall and slim women will look beautiful.

August 25, 2014

Deciphering the Infinite Scroll Trend in Website Design

Deciphering the Infinite Scroll Trend in Website Design

At the start of every new year, web designing pundits sit down to look over the developments in the past year to predict the trends for the coming months. This year, the pundits have forecasted a growing relevance of the infinite scroll trend in website design or the rise of the single long-page layout. This design phenomenon came into prominence last year and from then onwards, has picked up steadily in popularity. But before you feel inspired to adopt it for your website, it is worthwhile to delve into the whys and the wherefores of the trend so that you can appreciate it and use it more meaningfully.
What Prompted the Development of the Infinite Scroll Trend?
The infinite scroll trend is the absolute antithesis of the golden rule of website design that harps on placing the lion’s share of the content above the fold. It seems that designers today have overcome their fear (or hatred) of the scroll and have embraced the single long-page layout. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr had incorporated this design principle long ago. But it was actually the smartphone revolution that compelled websites to embrace this design concept.
Smartphones and tablets have small and narrow interfaces. The infinite scroll design makes browsing convenient on such devices. Besides, most smarpthone users are already accustomed to using this layout courtesy the social networking sites that use these designs. So designers naturally veered towards the vertical content layout.
What Types of Websites Can Carry Off the Infinite Scroll Layout?
The infinite scroll website design is just like any other fashion trend. Fashion should be aped with caution, and you should follow a trend only if you can carry it off with aplomb. The infinite scroll layout is not suited to all kinds of websites nor is it guaranteed that adopting this design will improve the functionality of every site.
This particular layout is most suitable for websites that receive a large mobile footfall and also those with content that is most conveniently read when presented in a single-page format. The latter category includes blog and review sites where the content is presented chronologically backwards and is updated regularly.
The infinite scroll layout is most unsuitable for multimedia-rich websites. The plethora of media on a single page increases loading time and frustrates the browser. You may even end up driving away your visitors with such a layout. Going minimal with your chunks of text, images, and colors when using the infinite scroll design is the best way to make this layout effective. Take for instance the Chleon website. The use of minimal colors, small chunks of text, simple typefaces, and a clean and clutter-free grid design keep the infinite scroll design of this website from turning into a pain point. The Free Range Designs site too makes the optimal use of the infinite scroll layout by steering clear of all flashiness. They have instead visually segregated each section of a page and kept the navigation simple and intuitive.
So now that you know why the infinite scroll design is here to stay, consider it for your next project. But wield it cautiously!

August 23, 2014

Digital Fashion Photography Tips

Digital Fashion Photography Tips

Photography not only means clicking a picture but to portrait a picture which tell about the character of a person and focus on a particular theme. To click any type of picture a photographer should focus completely on its subject and especially in fashion photography. The subject that is the model should be confident and self assured while posing for a picture. If model shows any sign of stress or neverousness then it will harm the quality of a photograph. Planning is very crucial before clicking a photograph. Think or plan before hand about the composition for each and every shoot of different models so as to make your model comfortable with your technique and composition. It is always advisable to discuss the composition of shoot with your model too.
Take advice from your model also that in which pose she is comfortable. Also, think about location and background before hand. Arrange the costume and make-up designers on time so that there will be no hindrance in your work. All these things are very vital in fashion photography. Fashion is all about dressing and make-up and how pretty you carry yourself. Thus without nice styling and perfect costume fashion photography is not possible.
A perfect pose to click a perfect picture is necessary. Highlight the body shapes of your model. Show the curves or make such poses that require angular body shapes can add to the beauty of your picture. Moreover, it helps to elongate body length of your model. Place and location has to be appropriate to do a fashion shoot. One thing which is must in fashion photography is “lighting “. Thus, it is always advisable to shoot in a studio for fashion photography. While shooting a photographer has to control lighting as he has to take the picture from different angle. At every angle he needs different type of lighting. Thus, in studio a photographer can easily control lighting and stabilize its model poses.
A right click at right time is required. Always try to capture the particular moment that alive for long span of time. Differentiate between poses. Always try to give variety in your photography. Shoot from different angles and focus on numerous parts of body to give your model photo a different look. Feel free to interact with your model. Take his ideas and suggestions and execute them with your ideas and option. It your photography give your best. Thus, take multiple shots and choose best out of them.
Most importantly, a photographer has to be aware of all the digital factors of shooting that are both internal as well external factors. Thus, one should be clear in its mind about camera and its setting. Don’t forget to charge your battery otherwise it can be a poor sign on the part of your professionalism. One has to choose best place to shoot thus know your surroundings.

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